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Cenegenics Park City Age Management Medical Team

When you become a Cenegenics Park City patient, you are provided a dedicated team — Physician, Exercise and Nutrition Counselor, a Patient Service Specialist along with our entire staff, focused on helping you achieve your health, vitality and wellness goals every day.


Utah’s only Cenegenics physician, Dr. Stephanie Singer helps patients achieve improvements in energy, body composition, fitness, sleep, mental activity and sexual vitality. They may also see a significant decrease in the risk of age-related disease and symptoms of menopause in women and andropause in men.

Dr. Singer creates tailored programs customized to each patient to ensure lifelong goals are met and surpassed. Progress is monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Modifications to a patient’s medical program are made in accordance with clinical progress and blood work results. Nutrition and exercise programs are also monitored and adjusted as needed. Medical grade supplements and vitamins are included in the program.

Dr. Stephanie Singer

Cenegenics Physician Partner & Owner Cenegenics Park City

Kevin Rail, fitness and nutrition consultant to Dr. Singer’s patients, provides the Cenegenics model of counseling, education and monitoring. He earned his BS in Sports Management/Fitness and Wellness from California University of Pennsylvania. Kevin is also a certified Wellcoach from Wellcoaches Corporation. A professional fitness trainer, he emphasizes the relationship between healthy eating and being physically fit.

Kevin Rail

Professional Trainer & Nutrition Consultant

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